Every March, participants across the global Pilates community share their love for the work in a synchronized social media campaign.

Headshot2015Hi, my name is Benjamin. I’m a Pilates teacher and the founder of 360° Pilates and March MATness. I currently call New York City home, but frequently find myself on the road, presenting my work at training facilities and conferences around the globe. Quite literally, I’m always on the move!

You can learn more about me and my work on my website.

In 2013, I filmed one of my workouts to be able to assess my form and self-correct my practice. I extracted screenshots of each exercise and began posting them on my Facebook page.

MarchMATness was born! Every day in March I would post one of the Pilates Mat exercises in their original order and begin a conversation about the form, logic, and intent behind each exercise. The pictures ended up on a poster that is now decorating hundreds of studio walls around the world, and more importantly: MarchMATness has grown into an annual social media campaign with thousands of followers and contributors.

You can read more about March MATness here, here, and here.

A year after the first run of MarchMATness I created and curated a pop-up blog with daily articles, pictorials, and videos by a handful of select contributors, the MMbassadors. Another year later the campaign was then moved completely into the hands of the fans that MarchMATness has gathered since the very beginning: using the hashtag #MarchMATness, everyone was invited to contribute their stories, pictures, videos and any tidbits of education and inspiration they wanted to share across all social media channels.

What is unique about the campaign is that for one month, the community pays respect to the traditional Mat exercises as documented by Joseph Pilates in his book Return to Life through Contrology. It’s an artful practice of 34 bodyweight movements that are invigorating and effective in conditioning the body.

It’s heartwarming to see the community come a little closer together and examine the roots of this astonishing work in a collective, mutually supportive and positive manner, and perhaps inspiring a new person or two to embark on a regular practice.

I hope you feel inspired to become an active participant and observer this year and join the movement. Remember, it’s not a contest or tagging challenge — we are here to share and delight.

Yours in health, happiness, and MATness,