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31 Mar 2014

Backbone & Will

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By Karen Ellis / Pilates Nerd™

Now that we arrived at the end of March MATness and you have fallen in love with the Mat work – for the first time, or all over again – maybe you asked yourself at some point:

Why did I ever forsake the glorious Mat work in my daily routine in the first place?

It’s possible that ‘will’ may have something to do with it.

When you see a baby progress from infancy to toddlerhood, you’ll witness the physical manifestation of will in a big way. Lifting the head and neck, rolling over and sitting up all require massive effort. Watch out when kids begin to walk – there’s no stopping them! This innate will is a catalyst for the type of determination we use throughout our formative years to accomplish our tasks.


Did baby need a personal trainer to get here?

We all possess will, albeit in varying degrees. By design, there is an incentive and a reward for your effort, and that is the greatest starting point to acquire any new skill. Baby needed to see, so she figured out how to lift her head. When she needed to get somewhere on her own, she had to figure out how to walk. Noteworthy is that her neck got stronger and so too, did her legs with walking.

If we want to use our body – move it and strengthen it in the way it was designed – we need to find methods that encourages this outcome. It can be as simple as getting on your Mat where you can work on managing gravity, cultivate focus, and  will.

What’s the reward?

If we can move better and more efficiently we’ll get stronger, feel better and stand taller.

Backbone and will are synonyms. To live life well, we have to have both.

So be strong, stand tall, and keep going!

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  1. It is such a gift to see our bodies unfold in the becoming of a new life. I was so eager to witness that as a mom, and it is quite a show. For me, it was important to be up close and personal, present each and every day to really establish my grasp of what was happening. Reading about it and hearing about it didn’t compare to bearing witness. I agree with you that we learn will from the young, among many other things! Thanks for the Monday morning insight.

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