Around-the-Clock-graphicThis exercise develops muscles and tissues that the usual physical drills, and even swimming and hiking do not call into play.” ~ Joseph Pilates

Joy“Keep them safe. Keep them moving. Help them find their powerhouse. Make it fun!” These are the most important words I learned in my Pilates training with Romana Kryzanowska.”
~ Joy George-Bryden

We were so lucky to share Joy’s passion and talents with you this month. Just in case you haven’t already, make yourself feel better by reading “P” as in Posture, and dive into the fountain of youth with her and her students in Everything Old is New Again.

AnulaThe Pilates Mat practice is truly endless in that you never quite get to achieve full perfection in each movement. It’s easily a lifetime practice.” ~ Anula Maiberg

We heart Anula. Do you know about her signature class Pilates Fight Club? Check out her article and video to learn more about what happens when the Mat stops being nice and starts getting real! click here

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