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16 Mar 2014

MATness introduces Alycea Ungaro

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Typically, in the Pilates world, Alycea does not need an introduction. And even if you are just starting your practice, you will sooner or later learn about (and from) her – so we thought we’ll introduce you to her right here:

Dear March MATness enthusiasts, meet honorary MMbassador Alycea Ungaro!

AlyceaOne of the most widely recognized and influential Pilates teachers and published authority on fitness and wellness, Alycea Ungaro is the founder of Real Pilates, New York City’s top studio dedicated to the Pilates Method. She is the author of several best-selling Pilates titles, serves on the advisory board of Fitness Magazine, and is’s resident Pilates expert.

Alycea is also the creator of SpringTone® (a unique resistance training class) as well as a number of products for the home exerciser that we are excited to show you over the next couple of weeks!

In the meantime, we are thrilled she took the time to share a little bit about her personal connection to the Pilates work with us:

Why do you love Pilates?

Alycea: I love Pilates because it’s exciting! Whether I’m teaching it or practicing myself, the process of discovering new skills, new feelings and new strategies is exhilarating. Add to that the incredible variety of exercises that exist and you have the perfect exercise system.

How often do you practice the Mat work and what other activities do you combine it with?

Alycea: I do some of the Mat work most days of the week and an organized proper Mat twice per week. While I’m teaching I typically demonstrate or perform sections of the mat with my clients and classes. But my favorite place to do Mat for myself is a little nook in my living room in the early morning before anyone wakes up.

What is your favorite Mat exercise and why?

Alycea: My favorite Mat exercise is the Mermaid for many reasons. Firstly it embodies Pilates in that it appears effortless but is actually very challenging.  Secondly, the Mermaid so perfectly blends the three primary elements of Pilates; strength, stretch and control. Finally, there are so many options in this move, that everyone can do some version of it.

What keeps you moving in life?

Alycea: The ability to inspire others. I am motivated to move each day so that I can be a better mother, wife, teacher and one who helps others achieve their goals. I believe strongly that we only rise by lifting up others.

Stay tuned for more from Alycea, and in the meantime you can connect with her here:

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