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31 Mar 2014

#MMMM, week 5: Finale

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By Benjamin Degenhardt

March 31. Last day of March. Last day of March MATness 2014. Sigh…

Why does something so good have to end? Yes I know – there always needs to be balance in all things, the good and the bad, the happy and the sad… but still. Saying goodbye is never easy.

Of course I hope that the end of March MATness is not the end of your appreciation for the Mat practice you found here, and I hope you continue to come back to revisit your favorite articles, videos, tutorials, and pictures. But more on that a little bit later. Let’s focus on what we have accomplished together this month!

MM world

This is a heat map that shows where people were doing Pilates Mat work today. Nah, that’s not true, but the image shows where you visited us from all month. I like to think this is pretty amazing (and Greenland, we’ll get you in 2015…)!

If I had to bring  the entire experience down to one word – it wouldn’t be ‘Pilates’. Not even ‘movement’. It would be…


Seeing the map above and knowing that on all these screens, in all these different parts of the world, we shared a common goal – to be better (moving) versions of ourselves. When Joseph Pilates referred to his work as “universal” and “global”… is this what he had in mind perhaps?

But other than just in spirit, March MATness got to connect us in real life, too!

photoOn a personal level, I got to connect with a very special group of people – my MMbassadors. To say this dream team touched me with generosity and talent is an understatement. If it wasn’t for their zip-files full of pictures, new article ideas, and videos that continued to suddenly appear in my inbox, this would have been nowhere near as fun. And the same is true for the many contributors and supporters of MM I found online via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and who shared their stories and musings in comments and messages. Remember Kevin & Jon from earlier this month? We actually got to meet in person this weekend!

But the most meaningful connection is the one you made with your own body, mind, and spirit. We may have given you the resources, but at the end of the day: you did it all on your own – with a little bit of floor space, and a desire to connect.

So while the sad news is that it’s over, the great news is that it’ll only be another 334 days until we can begin all over again. And by far the best news: you know exactly how to keep going and growing into your practice until then.

Forever zest and pleasure,

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  1. March MATness brings new life and light to our wonderful community of teachers, students, enthusiasts, and everyone who crosses our path. Thank you for this, Benjamin. It’s been a very fun month!

  2. Kevin Lartigue

    Benjamin! Can’t say enough good things about you and MarchMatness! It truly was a great month and a joy to meet you and all the new friends who followed MM – Thank you!

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